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Referring to product import:

Using is very straightforward. After we identified the products, we wanted to sell, we imported and uploaded all product data via Microsoft Excel to our industrialboard-profile. Then we made photos with their mobile app and within seconds the pictures were already online and directly matched with the right products.

Initially, I was sceptical and did not expect such a functional and fast processing, but now I am pleasantly surprised and excited by

Peter Roth, Head of Production,  Jorns AG

Referring to buying experience:

I am a DIY enthusiast and my hobby is working with CNC milling machine and lathes. Such an industry-specific platform as is fantastic, because here I find components and tools that are not available elsewhere – or at least – not at such affordable prices. It has been a great pleasure to deal with the various sellers on and I absolutely recommend it to every other do-it-yourselfer.

Daniel J., Do-it-yourselfer,  St. Gall

Referring to sales and revenues:

We own many different machine parts and electronic components that we do not need anymore. Instead of scrapping them, allows us to market them and to earn good money. We have sold to various firms within Switzerland, Europe and also to South Korean ones.
So, is not only a great tool, but rather an additional revenue and customer generator we won’t miss anymore.

Peter Daetwyler, Owner,  Daetwyler Industries

At first, we have initiated a test period with a few components. As we could sell a servormotor quickly, we have added more industrial goods and sold, amongst others, workbenches and hydraulic aggregates.

Fabian Furrer, Head of Logistics, Bystronic Laser AG

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