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Guidelines for sellers and buyers on Industrialboard


Industrialboard is not only an online-marketplace for industrial goods, but rather a community, where firms and people interact in a fairly, friendly, professional, complaisant and honestly way and trade components that are helpful, beneficial and valuable for the buyers, e.g. regarding prototyping, maintenance of machines etc.
Thus, it is important that the products are of good quality. Furthermore, it’s important that you represent yourself, your business, and your items accurately, as this marketplace is built on trust.

To enable trustworthy and beneficial business relationships between every party, it is crucial that all Industrialboard members follow our guidelines. The following guidelines apply to all members – especially to sellers – and helps to create a safer, fair and enjoyable trading experience on Industrialboard. They are complement to our’s and the seller’s Terms & Conditions (in German: Allgemeine Geschäftsbeziehungen (AGB)).

Please read these guidelines carefully and on a regularly basis, before you list, sell or buy a product via Industrialboard or repeat these actions. This will help you to be updated about changes of the guidelines and to avoid accidentally breaking rules. And make sure you understand and follow these guidelines. If you don’t, you may be subject to a range of other actions, such as suspension of your account.

As a seller, you are expected to:

  • Don’t publish any misleading or false product and price information
  • Respond to buyers’ questions, price proposal/ price requests and other inquiries promptly.
  • Be helpful, cooperative and friendly throughout a transaction
  • Charge reasonable shipping costs
  • Behave cooperative and solution-oriented in case of problems ex post the transaction has been completed
  • Keep your contact and payment data as well as your listings and the available quantity up-to-date
  • Be fair to Industrialboard. That is, do not engage in commission avoidance and do not sell or publish prohibited products, services and content As a seller you carry the responsibility to ensure your sales are processed according to these guidelines and to our legal requirements.

As a buyer, you are expected to:

  • Clarify open questions about an product or an order beforehand, in order to avoid misinterpretations, frustrations or un-pleasant surprises, you otherwise might only discover upon receipt of your goods.
  • If you are an employee of a company that’s being a seller on Industrialboard, please do not buy for your own when you are logged in the company account
  • Be helpful, cooperative and friendly throughout a transaction
  • Pay the bills immediately and entirely
  • Behave cooperative and solution-oriented in case of problems ex post the transaction has been completed
  • Keep your contact and payment data up-to-date
  • Be fair to Industrialboard and keep in mind that we do not protect transactions that completed off of Industrialboard

We want you to be happy users. We want to be a great distribution channel and revenue generator for our sellers and a trustful and useful marketplace to our, or to be more precise, your buyers. Thus, sellers can list their products without any limitations in quantity and durantion. Except in case when you choose the listing fee of CHF 2.00,--, you do not pay anything for the upload, marketing or billing of your products. And for buyers are our services completely free of charge. But, when our services leads to a successful transaction, we charge a commission, payable by the sellers. Thus, we ask that you treat us, as well as buyers, fairly. Please note that it is prohibited to attempt to avoid Industrialboard commissions and we reserve the right to investigate your account and listings should we beliebe this is happening. Avoiding commissions generates additional costs for the whole marketplace, reduces your trustworthy and, consequently, your sales. The same applies to the alternative of a monthly listing fee of CHF 2,- per total quantity of a product. Activating/deactivating listed products several times during the duration of the listings leads to a complicatiand/or bypass on tracking and proper billing on the side of Industrialboard and is therefore also expressly forbidden.

The seller guarantees the impeccable working of the product(s) of the contract with the warranted qualities andf if the condition is stated as “Original” or “New”. The guarantee lapses if the client or third parties make modifications or repairs to the product(s) or use unsuitable operating materials without the sellers written consent. Damage caused by normal wear and tear, non-professional use, excessive strain or chemical or electrolytic influences are excluded from the guarantee. The right of retrum does not apply for any goods that has been traded via Industrialboard. All further claims of the buyer are excluded. Please keep in mind that you – the buyer – buy the product(s) under the principles of "sold like seen". There is no general guarantee.

The supplier accepts no liability for the selection and use of the object of the contract. Claims for compensation of all kinds are excluded un-less the supplier has caused the damage by deliberate intent or gross negligence. The supplier shall under no circumstances be liable for indirect damage. Any liability is excluded on the part of Industrialboard.

Until payment has been made in full the ordered procuts(s) remains the property of the seller. The seller is authorised by the buyer to ar-range for the reservation of title to be recorded. The object of the con-tract may not be pledged, encumbered or sold until payment has been made in full. The buyer undertakes to arrange for suitable insurance for the object of the contract, to treat it with due care and provide maintenance in compliance with the specifications. The buyer assigns all insurance claims arising during the reservation of title to the seller.

All prices, fix prices or prices resulting from price negotiations are quoted net ex-works without packaging, excluding value added tax and other state charges such as taxes and customs duties. All ancillary costs, e.g. for preparatory work, packaging, deliveries, insurance, recording reservations of ownership, assembly and commissioning, training, adaptations to local and internal company specifications of the buyer shall be the responsibility of the buyer, Repair work and defects do not release the buyer from the obligation to make payment pursuant to the order confirmation. Payments are to be made at the registered office and in the curreny of the supplier.

In order to remain and to improve our services, we are reliant on commissions. Every buyer and seller who takes actions that leads to an circumvention of Industrialboard acts at the expense of the whole marketplace and runs the risk of financial and legal consequences. Thus it is forbidden for buyers and sellers to contact each other to di-rect themselves to buy or sell a product listed on Industrialboard outs-ide of our marketplace. Furthermore, it is forbidden to publish article and/or catalogue numbers as well as email addresses or telephone numbers or links to external marketplaces or shops off-Industrialboard helping potential buyers to buy the prodcuts directly from the seller or via another venue. Editing the available quantity or removing the listings in an appropria-te or surpringsingly manner and/or completing a transaction off-Industrialboard once it has been initiated on the side (e.g. to cancel an order to continue your sale privately with the buyer), are also ac-tions that belong to an commission avoiding behaviour and is going to be investigated and penelized.
In short: Every information and every action that attempt to achieve sales away from Industrialboard is forbidden and lead to a partly or completely blocking or deleting of your products without prior notification.

Naturally, anything that cannot be sold due to legal reasons is prohi-bited on Industrialboard. Furthermore the legal requirements of another country may apply if you offer your products for sale outside of Switzerland. We also have a number of additional policies which regulate what items should not be sold on Industrialboard. As we focus on industrial goods, it is not allow to trade consumer goods, such as fashion, cosmetics, any entertaining media (books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, Pictures, Videos, Games). Please note that the following list of prohibited items is not complete, and as a result you are asked to ensure whether you’re permitted to publish and to offer such content respective products and/or services for sale.
a) Dangerous chemicals/ prohibited electronic devices
b) Forgeries, imitations of branded/copyrighted products, the use of brand names and registered trademarks
c) Any copyrighted data (unless the user has gained the legal right of use/sale)
d) Objects that have been obtained illegally may not be offe-red for sale.
e) Stocks and other forms of financial investments
f) Illegal drugs
g) Propaganda items relating to prohibited political parties, clubs and/or unions)
h) weapons and ammunition of any kind
i) living creatures/animals
j) Content that offends common decency.
Please note that Industrialboard does not tolerate racial abuse, or abuse against a person based on gender, sexuality or disability. This applies to our buyers, sellers and staff.
Please note that Industrialboard reserves the right to remove any listings from our marketplace without prior notice should we feel that these listings are in breach of any law or these guidelines.

If we feel that your listings and your behaviour are in breach of any law or our guidelines, we reserves the right to remove any listings from our marketplace without prior notice. Furthermore we may apply further sanctions, such as setting a limit on the number of products you may have or the deletion of products already online. Actions taken to avoid commissions result in the dismissal from the Industrialboard marketplace as well as may lead to financial and/or legal consequences.

Should any particular provisions of these guidelines be invalid, that fact shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. Individual modifications and additional agreements besides these guidelines and our Terms and Conditions are invalid, unless they are confirmed in writing by Industrialboard.

The sole place of jurisdiction is the registered office of Industrialboard Gmbh in Langenthal, Canton of Berne, Switzerland. The legal relationship shall be governed by Swiss law to the exclusion of UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (Vienna Convention). For all conflicts between sellers and buyers, the place of jurisdiction and the applicable law is based on the place, where the seller (in case of firms, its headquarter’s location) is located.