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Reduce inventory costs

Reduce inventory costs

You earn money with full order books, but you loose money with full warehouses.

So, why don’t you transform your warehouse into a sales channel?
IndustrialBoard helps you to reduce storage costs and to make money.

3 ways that reduce your stock costs via IndustrialBoard

We are initiated by Swiss OEM Daetwyler Industries, as they wanted to reduce their stock on obsolete parts.
As Ebay, Amazon, Ricardo and so on do not fit to B2B requirements, we developed IndustrialBoard to make the uploading and sales process of such parts as less extensive and time-consuming as possible.
With us, industrial goods can be quickly uploaded to the Internet.
Thanks to Excel and CSV importer, we transform your product data directly into final product websites. Photos and annex can be added by our free photo app, manually or via CSV links.
Afterwards we optimize all products for search engines like Google or Bing.
You do not have to do anything else, except to upload your range of components.

Summarized: Quick product upload and directly available in German and English.

We are transaction-focused. That concludes two aspects:
(1) We make your components as best available on the web as possible.
(2) We do everything we can to create the highest conversion rate as possible.

You can describe your machine parts in a very comprehensive way, so that the buyers do not have any product questions.
Furthermore you can enter into price negotiations.
You can also specify which employees in which transaction steps should be informed and involved.
And when a transaction occurs, we send you all necessary data in order to complete the billing and shipping.

We made selling and buying of industrial goods as simple as possible, so that you can implement us in your daily business easily.
Thus Industrialboard can easily incorporate into your daily business and your stock goes blank.

Summarized: IndustrialBoard is the easiest way to make stocks empty.

You get a complete shop infrastructure with IndustrialBoard.
Whether you use us for the sale of remaining stock or as a complete online sales channel, our infrastructure is suitable for both.
You do not need to install anything and we are also updating your inventory automatically. Ongoing costs will not incur.
And if you use our commission model, everything is free unless you complete a sale. Only when you successfully sell a good, we charge you a maximum of 13.5%.
Or you can pay a listing fee of max. CHF 2,- per month per total quantity of an item. The sale is then free.
Click here to learn more about our smart pricing.

But, what makes us really attractives and set us apart from competititors, is the fact that we are designed for large volumina.
You benefit from economies of scale, as the marginal costs for every new added item is almost zero.
And a bigger range of products increases your sales possibilities.
And if you do not sell enough parts, you can still scrap them – with clear conscience.
Summarized: Reduce your storage costs and sell remnants cheaply

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