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An online shop costs too much

An online shop costs too much

You thought the Internet would be a sales channel at lower costs than the traditional sales foces?
Your expectations have not been met?
That does not have to remain the case!
If you sell on it will be as easy as you originally thought.

That is why IndustrialBoard pays off as a online shop

Our portal is a complete online shop. But much easier to understand and to operate, than the traditional shop software.
And it’s online from the beginning. No desktop software, no hosting and upload hassle.
Register for free and create your company profile along with your imprint, terms and conditions, corporate description, logo and contact information.

Afterwards, complete your catalogue:
Upload your range of products (manually or via interfaces, e.g. XML, CSV, Excel), add product data (manuals, drawings, etc.) and append the product images (added manually from the PC or via CSV importer or our free photo app).
That’s is all you have to do. Ready is your online shop.

Summarized: Set up an own online shop fast, efficient and customized with IndustrialBoard.

Once you set up your store on, it is directly available on German and English.
Also it is already indexed on Google and Bing.
We automatically optimized your IndustrialBoard company shop and your product pages for search engines.
That is, your shop is surrounded by meaningful backlinks and content. Additional technical features come along.
And we refresh and update these factors on a regular basis.
So, the time-consuming and most expensive part of B2B-E-Commerce - online marketig - is made by us, not you. You can concentrate on your daily business and service.

Given our sophisticated categorization, your industrial components will be reachable only within three clicks.
And we can customize our category system to your needs. If you have special goods, we can create new product categories that fit to your range of products. Furthermore, we use the same comprehensive search as well-known portals like Xing, Amazon, Ebay, Distrelec.
And because we are an online marketplace, we reach a high scale in both breadth and depth. Therefore are our websites preferred in the rankings of search engines.

Summarized: You save a lot of money and time, as IndustrialBoard undertakes the marketing.

As stated above, we take care of your online shop on IndustrialBoard. That is, we market your complete catalogue and keep the stock up-to-date (continuously).

This means: After you uploaded your range of products onto our portal, your involvment is needed only until you sold the products.
Only when you sell components, you have to do some work, as you are responsible for the  transaction and undertake the billing and shipping.

But what does it cost?
Not much!
If you decide to use our commission model, everything is free of charge until you complete a sale successfully. Then we charge a maximum of 13.5%.
Or you can choose the monthly listing fee of max. CHF 2, - per total amount of an item. Then the sale is free.

Summarized: Minimal effort, low cost and easy to integrate into your business.

Either you do it right, or you waste your time.
The internet is not suitable for testing.
But if you shun the staffing and financial cost, IndustrialBoard suits best for you. Because together are stronger than any individual taken for themselves. We forward our the economies of scale to you.

Summarized: Without professional support, you will not have a successful online experience.

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