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Find spare parts and even discontinued components

Is your machine broken? Are out of spare parts or in urgent need of discontinued components?

Don’t worry, IndustrialBoard is your solution.
On our portal you will discover hard-to-find-products and obsolete components.

The Procurement-Advantages of IndustrialBoard

Whereas machines are used for many decades, the lifecycle of components, especially electronic elements, has extremely shortened. The lifetime amounted to only between three and five years. Aftwerwards, they are substituted by new parts and the production line is out of date. Finding suitable replacement parts becomes more difficult.
On IndustrialBoard you have access to such scarce machine parts.
As OEMs sell their surplus of hydraulic, mechanic, pneumatic and electronic components on this marketplace at affordable prices (discounted up to 50%). Your chance to find discontinued industrial goods is very high.
Expensive retrofitting of equipment is not required anymore.

Summarized: Repair your machines with lower costs.

The stock is immediately available, so that you save time and can concentrate to your daily business. Do not waste time with negotiations. And as the prices are very low, it makes economically sense to buy and to stockpile.
Please keep in mind the following reference:

We, as the purchasing department take care of top-quality, a fair price and short delivery times for all of our purchases. and the affiliated sellers meet these demands. Nowhere else we found the suitable ?Druckschalter? with an equal price-performance-delivery ratio, so that our machine breakdown could be fixed rapidly and to an affordable extent.
Industrialboard is a great alternative compared with the classical approach in B2B-E-Commerce.

Christina G., Corporate Purchase Department of an OEM from St. Gall

Summarized: Effective Obsolescence Management

Increase your secure of supply with IndustrialBoard.
We are a marketplace, where many different OEMs and merchants from all over the world sell their surplus and spare parts.
Before you have to buy at too high costs or with too long delivery times, check our catalogue and make sure to find the right product at the right prices.

The more procurement alternatives exist, the more independent you are in your purchasing and inventory management.
Within a few clicks you have access to a wide variety of manufacturers, dealers as well as a large assortment of old and new spare parts and industrial goods.

Summarized: Reduce your dependence on suppliers and enlarge your sourcing.

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