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In order to preserve liquidity and to ensure the security of supply, purchasing departments are increasingly required to react flexibly and to focus on good value for money.

In this context is IndustrialBoard of advantage and offers a reasonably priced purchase of industrial goods.

3 great reasons to buy on IndustrialBoard

IndustrialBoard gives you access to a wide range of spare parts and discontinued components.
Those are industrial components that were thought lost from the market, but they are available now.
This particularly helps to maintain and to repair older machines as well as to increase the life cycle of your stock of machines.

Summarized: Inexpensive MRO of your machinery

Manufactures, merchants and SMEs sell on our platform.
So, you can choose from a wide supplier base and gain in flexibility.
We make the market more transparent and firms that were inaccessible previously, are now a valid procurement alternative.
As studies pointed out, purchasing managers looking 16 times per month for new supplier. Because existing suppliers has gone bankrupt, closed down or have not found a successor. That’s why purchasers always are searching for new buying opportunities.

Further motivation occurs due to a short-term need, which is not covered by the existing framework contracts and existing supplier relationships.

Summarized: We offer a wide selection of  suppliers and industrial components

Industrial goods are cheap, if they are worth it.
That is, if the downtime of a machine can be remedied by an quickly purchasing of the spare parts.
Also industrial goods are inexpensive, if the price is right.
That is, if the price remains low independent of the order quantity or if they remain discounted anyway given their surplus character.

Both aspects occur on our marketplace.

Furthermore, buyers can suggest own prices to obtain further savings.

Summarized: IndustrialBoard improves your bottom-line.

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