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Industrial Board is decidedly focused on the B2B-E-Commerce.
While other online marketplaces fail to fit the specific B2B requirements, we have the solution.
But, convince yourself:  

That is why we are the ideal B2B marketplace

We know that e-commerce in the industrial sector is subject to different requirements than in B2C-E-Commerce.
Therefore, our portal also includes more product-specific features than B2C marketplaces, like Amazon, eBay or Ricardo, do.

The graphic below illustrates this.

Differences between IndustrialBoard, eBay and Amazon

B2B is highly complex and that’s why even Google has quit its Google Shopping for Suppliers, as stated here.
And even Amazon Supply is not that suitable for B2B as it seems. May be it is useful for C-Parts, tools and screws, that is, products that own also a B2C-attitude. But Amazon is not a good portal for selling complex pneumatic, mechanic or hydraulic machine parts.
Summarized: Except IndustrialBoard, all other portals focus on B2C

If there has already been a great B2B online marketplace, we would not have develop!
We are a spin-off of MDC Max Daetwyler AG, a family-owned and medium-sized OEM from Switzerland.
Daetwyler did not stockpile or scrap their surplus on industrial goods any longer, so they decided to sell it via the web. But as we analyzed the market, no marketplace has been suitable for our purpose. So, we founded IndustrialBoard and make it by ourselves.
And the results speak for themselves: Daetwyler has sold over 500 machine parts and released significant space in their warehouses.

Read, what our customer say and learn, why it is really no suprise, that more than 40 further companies join our marketplace and has begun selling their stock.

Summarized: Our work pays-off and we grow regarding sellers and transactions.

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