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Everything in business refers to the decision about ’make or buy’.
Either you develop an own online shop or you use existing marketplaces to sell your stock.
The following lines should help you to make the right decision.

Online-Marketplace vs. Online-Shop

By using the infrastucture of an online marketplace you profit from followoing cost savings:

•    No set-up and license fees
•    No costs and less time and effort for the ongoing maintenance of the shop
•    No hosting costs
•    No costs for freelance and agencies, e.g. for translations, SEO, etc.
•    No costs in own IT
•    No costs for a own Online-Marketing-Budget
•    No transaction and payment fees, e.g. for Paypal, Credit Card, etc.

Add it all up, you have an enormous cost advantage comparing with the alternative to make on your own.
Especially you benefit from less expenses in the most expensive and time-consuming divisions ‚Online Marketing’ and ‚Shop Maintenance’.
These sectors require the most competence and those, who do not have online experts in their staff, rely on professional help.

Summarized: Neither IT-Skills nor many resources are needed

IndustrialBoard vs. eBay vs. Amazon

Indeed Ebay, Amazon or Ricardo are well-known online marketplaces, but they target the consumer market and do not fit to B2B requirements.
Here you find in depth information.
So, from a qualitative perspective IndustrialBoard is more useful for selling industrial goods.

And this holds true according to a financial point of view:
On IndustrialBoard you pay either a low listing fee or a sales fee. But never both at the same time.

That is: Either everything is free of charge until you make a sale or the sale is free of charge.

Furthermore, the pricing between these portals differ substantially from each other in details

1.    Ebay and Amazon calculate the sales commission of the gross price, we refer to the net price (excl. VAT & Shipping)
2.    Ebay and Amazon separate their shops in different versions with different features and prices. We do not: We neither reduce nor raise the price for our services.
3.    Ebay and Amazon charge category-specific listing fees. We do not.

Our price advantage is most evident, when you look at the actual costs you have to pay, as the following graphic shows:

Who is the cheapest? IndustrialBoard, eBay or Amazon

As you can see, our competitors' pricing seems neither transparent nor fair.
And please keep in mind: We charge you either a sales commission or a listing fee, but never both at the same time.
Especially when you want to sell many products and in large quantities, our fee model is unbeatable.
The only way to be more expensive than our competitors is, when you list thousands products for a long period of time and without any sales.
And that's utopian.

Learn more about our attractive pricing here

Summarized: IndustrialBoard leaves you the highest margin.

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