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Welcome to – your additional distribution channel and revenue generator.
Earn good money with by selling your stock on spare parts, raw material or obsolet machine parts and electronic components.

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Are you overstocked with obsolete industrial goods? Or do you scrap them after a while only earning peanuts? Do you shy away from the effort it takes to sell them profitably?
Don’t worry, get rid of them and make good money. Simply import your parts into our system and leave the rest to us.
The search volume for machine parts and electronic components is as high as for shoes or travel flights!
Thus, destocking is always worth its effort, as other firms are waiting for your parts. Everything, that appears as good as new and is working, can be sold.
A valuable treasure is be buried in every stock. So, dig it up.

The more fishing rods you use, the more you’ll catch.
Thus, mirror your range of products with an individual shop at for free and boost your traffic, leads and sales. Furthermore, get your printed catalgues transformed into a great online version and benefit from an automated and bilingual SEO/SEM-processing for high rankings on Google and Bing.
It is our pleasure to complement your sales force.

Your boss don’t know
Great, this is your opportunity to promote yourself, as supervisors love committed staff

  • who stand up for empty warehouses
  • who generate revenues with products that have not be seen realizable
  • who act to the benefit for the entire company by strengthen their performance and sustaining their competitive edge
  • Or do you have to achieve certain goals, e.g. regarding sales, new customers or certain efficiency-based KPIs, etc.?

Industrialboard helps you achieving them.

  • Unlimited in quantity and duration
  • No fixed prices • Upload of all product data easily via an Microsoft Excel import
  • Easy and fast upload of images via our photo-app • Specific overview of your listings, transactions and revenues (exportable)
  • Manifold presentation options for complex products
  • Automated SEO/SEM-processing for high rankings (bilingual)
  • Retain control of your sales price
  • Invite colleagues and employees to your company profile
  • Intuitive and well-thought out handling

You will find the right products to sell on by answering at least one of the following questions in affirmative:

  • Would other companies be pleased, if they own these products?
  • Can you sell the products with a good conscience, as they are refurbished and goods as new?
  • Can the potential buyer save (a lot of) money compared to the current original price or compared to an otherwise needed ploughback (of the machine)?
  • Are the products in questions bulky ones, so that selling them makes sense even if just because of the space?
  • You do not need the products anymore, right? They have not been moved for a long time, right?
  • Is the residual value higher than the material price? Does scrapping them turn out to be monkey business?
  • The products in question do not compete with other products in your portfolio?
  • Publish your product name also in different languages (e.g. German) and expand your international reach on and Google
  • Use the free text fields for all of your product data that cannot be represented by our given attributes
  • Take pictures from different perspectives (from the side, the top and from the front) and use the digital zoom of your camera to highlight the labels, the packing or additional manuals, etc.
  • Take pictures in front of a white background and in a well-lit room (daylight, spotlight)
  • All of your products are available on our English and German website
  • All of your products will be advertised bilingually on Google
  • Add internal data (article number, storage location, etc.), which is only visible to you
  • Export your listings, transactions and revenues to Microsoft Excel

Any questions or suggestions?

Find more information in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Or contact us via support(at)
We appreciate every feedback and answer as soon as possible.