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How-to use our Microsoft Excel import

If you want to publish several hundreds or thousands of products on, adding them manually makes no sense. Thus, you can submit your product data easily via a MS Excel import (*.xls, *.xlsx). We automatically generate the corresponding product pages.

How it works

  • Export the available product data from your planning and control system (e.g. SAP ERP, Infor, etc.) and paste it into the corresponding colums of our list.
  • Please add a category for every product.
  • If you do not know the brand or manufacturer of the products, please write „no Name – unbekannt“. As this field is an obligatory one, you cannot leave it blank nor fill it with misleading names, e.g. name of the supplier/subcontractor.
  • You can write product data, that does not fit to our given columns, (all together) into the column „product description“.  Or you add them manually afterwards online.
  • Write 0 as sales price when you want the function "Price availbale on request"
  • Do not write beyond our list. Everything that is written outside our predetermined columns neither can be read nor be converted by our import system. Same applies for every blank mandatory field.
  • We have prepared the first 100 rows with our dropdown-function (cf. colum category). If you need more than 100 rows, pull the „dropdow-cells“ downwards.

Please note two important aspects:

(1) Do not upload your own excel file or a *.csv-file. Only our Industrialboard-List can be read and converted.

(2) The generated product pages are not active and online after your upload. To activate and making them available for your prospective buyers, please do it separately at the end of the import process or afterwards.
It’s up to you to determine the products which are ready to sell and which should be keep listed/deactivated preliminary.

Furthermore, please do not forget to add images to your products.
Either you upload the images from your computer or you use our Photo-App.

Any questions or suggestions?

Find more information in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Or contact us via support(at)
We appreciate every feedback and answer as soon as possible.